Keeping Pace with Growing User Demand

Your enterprise networks need to keep up with demand for wireless connectivity as mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) create flexible work environments. IoT-enabled devices are becoming a standard feature of office spaces, and require seamless wireless connectivity.

AOT designs robust wireless infrastructure that keeps pace with your growing wireless needs, extending coverage to all areas of your enterprise, without compromising safety, security and availability.

Our wireless configurations move you away from a disparate collection of access points to a cohesive network designed for superior security, performance, single-point configuration and management, maximum user density and scalability.

We deliver enterprise-grade wireless infrastructure that creates mobility without compromising performance.



Maximum coverage with security and speed


To grow with your business needs

Central Administration

For ease of management and configuration


Identity-based security measures with security polices and wireless intrusion prevention


With data protection and security policies

Optimum Experience

Ease of use, with faster processes and no connectivity disruption

See how AOT’s wireless solutions bring new freedom and productivity to your teams​​