Transparent Display Screen:

The use of a transparent led display screen in digital signage and display technologies is a beautiful new invention. These transparent displays are used to transmit dynamic or active material via a transparent surface that enables users to see what’s on the screen while still seeing through it. 

LCD innovation is combined with a transparent screen substrate to create a see-through effect, which allows white pixels to seem transparent. Marketers may use this to create media that hides or progressively discloses items behind the display.

With its transparent digital signage portfolio, the pixelLABS transparent display screen lets your goods speak for themselves. By linking the actual environment to the world of the virtual display, these screens provide a fresh era of simultaneous visual effects.

The option is suitable for resorts, commercial shops, educational institutions, health care centers, galleries, and other businesses that want to spread ideas, goods, and content to a broad audience. Combine the pixelLABS revolutionary transparent display screen with a smart technologies impact for your photographs, ideas, and goods to reach even more people. This method is widely employed in storefronts, architectural designs, vending machines, and museums.

The device may be mounted horizontally or vertically on any wall that has numerous display connections. The best impact and outcomes are achieved by modifying the amount of transparency according to the beam of light. The symmetrical 178° viewing angle offers high-quality picture observation from all angles, assuring complete coverage. 

pixelLABS provides a transparent touch screen display in 65″, 50″, and 32″ sizes with audiovisual connection and pre-installed 2W speakers to play audio or audiovisual content to give you more artistic input. This provides a more complete spectator experience for your clients.