Outdoor Transit Monitors

The outdoor digital display is a technology for presenting information from digital media (displays, projection systems, etc.) installed in public places. It is mainly used for advertising distribution. Advertising messages distributed through outdoor monitors, as a rule, aim to reach the target audience in the right place and at the right time for contact.

The advantages of such electronic messages over traditional static forms of outdoor advertising are: 

  • easier and faster replacement of message content; 
  • the dynamism of the image itself; 
  • adaptability of the message to the environment and audience, including interactively. 

The disadvantage is that it is technically difficult.

The outdoor digital display is used for many different purposes, the most common of which are:

  1. Public information – news, weather, local information such as the location of the fire exit
  2. Inside information – intra-corporate news, specific information in healthcare institutions, etc.
  3. Advertising – both specific to the audience at the location of the display, and designed for traditional media

4. Image – in order to increase the status of a store or enterprise, to create the required atmosphere.

5. Influence on consumer behaviour – attracting the consumer to certain areas, increasing the time spent in the store.

6. Consumer Experience Enhancement – Applications that engage the consumer’s attention while waiting in line, such as showcasing recipes at the grocery store.

7. Environment enhancements – information kiosks and dynamic navigation.

The outdoor LCD display is often confused with a simple, computer monitor and TV. However, they differ significantly – an outdoor monitor has practically no settings like on a TV, there are practically no buttons on it, and often there is no control panel in the kit. Outdoor digital displays turn on automatically when power is applied, without pressing a button, and start displaying information coming from the media block.

Such a device can be installed in any public place. With its help, it became possible to quickly visually convey important information to large masses of people in a public place. Currently, outdoor monitors have found the widest application in public transport, creating a new type of advertising. Advertising agencies specializing in this type of advertising have been organized in many cities.