Smart Whiteboard

Elegant design and multifunctional technological resolution are primary advantages that users could appreciate choosing a smart whiteboard for cooperative office or education purposes. Suitable accessories like digital pens and touch screens allow users to perform shared activities, create and modify a single document and convert it into a required format via OCR functions. This equipment is a synonym of fruitful multitasking work when you need to engage a broad audience of staff members for a new business strategy or phased project development.

All elaborations, hardwritten and typed, could be converted into pdfs, MS files, images, or videos to distribute to any online connected recipient.

Innovative and fancy device

This PixelLABS smart product fairly substitutes the ordinary interactive whiteboard. Due to its 10/20-point touch, anti-light interference, and built-in central control features, these well-designed developments provide perfect working conditions for cross-specialized teams. Business meetings would be more fruitful because the extended smart whiteboard operation results from the balanced hardware and software solutions. Also, the integrated environment allows sharing any outcomes to a particular PC.

Technologies to simplify your life

Smart whiteboards by AOT are characteristic of suitable LED display dimensions. 32” to 100” 2K or 4K gadgets would satisfy personal requirements on curious leisure time. These cutting-edge technologies easily connect with projectors, TVs, laptops, screens, and acoustic systems to be an effective tool for movie broadcasting and document modifications. At the same time, information tapping, saving, and distributing options are must-have capacities that boost your office actions.

Safe and sound to leverage

The computer-supported whiteboard is a safe electronic product because this smart board uses only anti-radiation and toxic-free materials. It does not matter whether you prefer mobile smart devices or wall-mounted ones; they will fit your interior design and completely resist voltage fluctuations or light angle changes. So, you may ensure the reliability of these branded gadgets complied with a high IT quality.