LED-Wall Video:

Since each LED display can provide crisp, brilliant pictures, LED technology is employed for video walls. They are made up of Direct View LED displays that operate together to display material as if they were one big screen. This type of technology provides brilliantly lighted pictures rather than depending on backlit images, and they have the fastest refresh rates of any video wall technology. As each component is responsible for transmitting and generating its illumination, LED displays are incredibly effective. The LED video wall price varies from $50,000 and $350,000.  

What’s the difference between an LED and an LCD video wall, you might wonder? Many tiny LED panels make up an LED wall. Each panel has hundreds of light-emitting diodes, which may change color to produce a big, continuous picture. Meanwhile, an LCD video wall is a big video or picture display made up of several LCDs.

The LED video wall panel from AOT is a digital signage system from pixelLABS. It has a built-in streaming device as well as system software that is tailored to meet your display and marketing requirements. Installing, configuring, and managing the software is a breeze. To get your business up and running, you’ll just need a little time, effort, and money.

PixelLABS LED video walls are simple to install and offer a wide range of applications and settings. It’s great for use in malls, libraries, workplaces, airports, and other public spaces. The device readily merges into any indoor space because of its elegantly small, narrow bezel layout.

The pixelLABS LED video wall delivers great visual details with a 4K unprecedented clarity and high definition resolution, leading to an amazing viewing pleasure with significantly more data than a standard HD display. The built-in airplay capability makes it simple to broadcast material from any MHL-equipped smartphone or tablet to the video wall.