Intelligent Blackboard

Once the computer and the projector are connected to the smart blackboard, completely different possibilities open up before you. With the help of a stylus or a finger, touching the screen of the ai blackboard, you become not just a participant in the process but manage it.

Of course, in order to solve some non-standard tasks, it is necessary to have certain knowledge and special software. The principle of operation is simple, and the interface is intuitive. Even the company’s interns have no trouble working with the intelligent blackboard.

Using an ai blackboard provides the following benefits:

  • effective visualization of the material (visibility) with which you can interact;
  • the ability to create your own style of presentation of the material;
  • a wide range of additional features. 

In addition to solving standard tasks, employees can save or print all the materials used in working with the smart blackboard.

The mission of the ai blackboard

Considering the rather “young” age of the intelligent blackboard, its real and potential owners cannot yet fully determine its value as a tool. New technologies are often intimidating and questionable. However, an intelligent blackboard is not the case!

When there is creativity in the approach to solving everyday problems and a desire to learn something new, there is a real opportunity to cope with difficult tasks faster and more efficiently. Already today, ai blackboards are used in schools and other educational institutions. Thanks to the smart blackboard, the business process becomes easier and more optimized. The employee has a great field for work and creativity.