To date, there are two types of touch screens: resistive and capacitive. If the former responds to the pressure that the user exerts on the screen area, the latter uses the electrical properties of the human body. They accumulate a charge, hence the name – capacitive.

Capacitive touch screens are reliable: about 200 million clicks (about 6 and a half years of clicks with an interval of one second), do not leak liquids and tolerate non-conductive pollution perfectly.

However, a conductive coating located directly on the outer surface is still vulnerable. Therefore, capacitive screens are widely used in machines that are only installed in a weather-protected room. Not responsive to gloved hand.

Today, capacitive touchscreens are more popular – even though they were invented almost ten years earlier than resistive ones. Capacitive touch screen monitors are noticeably more expensive than screens based on other technologies, but they offer a lot of possibilities:

  1. First, such screens provide better image quality because light only has to pass through one layer of thin, transparent material.
  2. Secondly, capacitive touch screens can register the simultaneous touch of several fingers, while resistive ones do not have such an opportunity. This is why capacitive screens are used in the latest technology: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.

3. Thirdly, capacitive screens, as a rule, allow you to get more pleasure from using the gadget.The transparency of such screens is up to 90%, and the temperature range is extremely wide.

4. Very durable (the bottleneck is the complex electronics that process the clicks).

Scrolling through lists, zooming in on maps and web pages, and flipping through photos is only available using capacitive sensors. Our Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC perfectly suits and helps you to make the best of the capacitive touch screen. 

Despite the fact that technology is constantly evolving, and new ways of interacting with gadgets are emerging (for example, voice input), in the coming years, capacitive touch screen overlays are likely to remain the main way to control various devices. So, you should complement it with a high-innovative Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC.