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Integrated services

Digital display devices maintained by AOT’s PixelLABS allow eCommerce business entities, streaming media and global web-related content users to share information with targeted partners without hosting or visibility defects.

Customer-centric design

Easy-in-operation and exclusive design solutions related to your needs are PixelLABS digital display quality criteria. These LED, and projection gadgets grant plenty of highly productive software and hardware options versatile and leveraged by any customer.

Created to make your work flexible

If you choose a PixelLABS digital display solution for teaching, working, or entertainment goals, you should not consider features to adjust multi-device consistency. Interactive whiteboards, smartboards, or LED screens adapt to many environments. So, you may manage your visionary data and activities without format or content change.

Convenient management solution

All PixelLABS digital display boards provide the in-built algorithm to operate your content via an e-signature mechanism. The automatic authorization option encrypted in all PixelLABS digital screen software optimizes your work quality and keeps data storage. The safety validation procedure guarantees your data protection and resistance to any intervention.