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Technology Supplies

Our main task is to provide our clients with leading-edge technologies and innovative IT solutions to help them achieve hard-driving plans. To accomplish these goals, we developed a pack of specific technologies, tools, and ideas, each specified to your needs. Such an approach allows our company to stand in the top 3 of tech services brands.

We are a passionate and dedicated team that delivers high-quality work with integrity. We have an innovative approach, based on our principles: 

  • Simplicity for clients. We try to make our products as simple to use as possible. Though, the simplicity does not affect the quality and performance level.
  • Flexibility. Each client can choose the product they need most and push out of it the maximum of benefits. 
  • Efficiency. Of course, our company cares a lot about the performance of our tech services.

We understand how important it is to use premium programs and advanced tools to get the desired outcomes. That’s why our teams are constantly searching for new methods to improve your business. AOT’s services allow you to take much of the hassle and capital expense out of your enterprise improvement. This multiplies your chances of getting the maximum result and gives you the opportunity to meet your business needs.

To achieve such a high level of efficiency, we offer the latest innovations in the IT-sphere from hardware, software, apps, systems, and analysis to guarantee the highest results. Our tech services are rightfully regarded as the most reliable, effective, and long-lasting. We put all of our efforts into creating the best products for our clients.

Hardware Supply

AOT delivers the hardware components you need to upgrade existing systems, replace specific components, and even build your IT infrastructure from scratch. The quality of our technology services is based on delivering top-class components. 

We provide hardware supply solutions that can deliver individual components, such as desktop PCs or laptops. Our wide range of access management devices protect what matters most from unwanted intrusion into any networked environment (whether public/private) while also providing authentication services when needed through biometrics technologies. 

Software Supply

AOT is the region’s leading aggregator and implementer of class-leading solutions and tech services across networking, cloud, storage, disaster recovery, enterprise solutions, cloud and managed services, and much more.  

We offer proprietary solutions that are specifically designed for your company’s needs.

Our suite of services includes real estate management, correspondence counseling, and coaching through performance reviews!

We offer really great prices on our software licenses. We range from individual productivity and desktop tools all the way up to enterprise-wide platforms!

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