Storage Management

AOT’s on-demand storage management services take the hassle and capital expense out of growing your storage to match your business needs. With comprehensive service-level agreements in place, we deliver the hardware, software, applications and expertise to ensure that your data assets are securely held and always available.

AOT’s proprietary storage solutions rely on an optimised hardware and software to deliver competitively-priced, high-performance solutions. Our teams design and implement your storage solution while also sourcing and delivering associated hardware. Cost is spread out over your solution’s lifespan as a yearly fee, eliminating upfront capital expenditure. Our storage analysts begin with a comprehensive needs assessment, followed by an implementation and management strategy.

Our Bacula-powered platforms offer your administrators the full gamut of backup, recovery, and verification management tools. AOT’s storage management solutions also comply seamlessly with your business continuity and disaster recovery protocols


  • Simplify complex storage management
  • Ensure compatibility between storage components
  • Optimized mix of cost-effectiveness and high performance
  • Yearly fees eliminate upfront capital expenditure
  • High security and access control
  • Integration with business continuity and disaster recovery protocols


Discover out how AOT can simplify storage management for your crucial data assets