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SmartSLA helps to achieve the best price-performance equation for customers, as it provides digital operation and management service at a competitive price due to the partial use of resources (sharing). Customers enjoy the best competencies and the level of service provision at the lowest possible price.
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Applying Standards

Due to the critical importance of the technology sector and its sensitivity, standards must be adhered to. However, the application of standards, adherence to them, monitoring and auditing is a very costly process. SmartSLA reduces these costs significantly to the customer by providing a smart contract. This describes all the work the company does for the customer and the services SMARTSLA supports.
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Providing security and protection services

Providing security and protection services requires high costs of expertise, tools and standards that organizations may not bear alone. SmartSLA provides high-efficiency security and protection services at a low cost.
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Documentation of Settings - Procedures - Availability of SmartSLA Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management - SmartSLA provides live archiving and logging for all operational transactions.
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Professional – Tools

You must have tools that will allow you to monitor compliance of smartSLA and quickly find the cause and solution to the problem. We provide the needed tools for monitoring, reporting and assuring smooth operation of service delivery.
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High Flexibility

SmartSLA provides flexible and multiple operating options and lifecycle management to suit customer needs, such as providing cadres to work on-site, part-time, temporary, or remote work, and adjusting the provided SMARTSLA services to the exact technological environment of the customer.
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Infrastructure Management

Servers and Systems Support services

      • Servers health check (check utilization and performance).
      • MS Windows/Linux Systems administration (update, configure, design and security)
      • Check logs for errors and take the proper action to solve the problems.
      • Backup Management
      • Virtualization platform support service
      • Change, incident, problem, and configuration management.
      • Service Level Reporting
      • Problem Management, Workload, Availability and Event Management
      • Patch Management

Network and Security Support service (NOC and SOC Service)

      • LANs, WANs, Wi-Fi, Voice including routers, and switches administration
      • Network and system configuration hardening
      • Monitor network performance and troubleshoot problem areas as needed to ensure the optimal performance
      • Firewalls equipment maintenance
      • Security incident response and event Management
      • Vulnerability Assessment and remediation support

Data Base and Application Server (MSQL and IIS)

      • Database and application server Planning and Advisory Services
      • Database and application server Installation and Configuration
      • Database and application server Maintenance and Support
      • Database and application server Backup and Recovery
      • Database and application server Performance Management and tuning
      • Database and application server Vendor Management

General IT infrastructure service

      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Acquisition (Procurement)
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Build
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Maintenance and Support
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Backup Management
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Recovery Management
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Performance Management
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Vendor Management

Data Storage Management

      • Data Backup cloud service
      • Local Data Storage Management
      • Backup and Restoration Management

Data Center Operation

      • Data Center Facility Management
      • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
      • Data Center and physical Security Assessment
      • Customer New Branch IT setup
      • Customer Branch support
      • Data Center and Building Network Designs and implementation

Security Management

Cyber Security services:

      • Cybersecurity framework implementation
      • Cybersecurity audit support
      • Cybersecurity reporting
      • Cybersecurity technology support
      • Cybersecurity operations

Application Management

      • Development
      • Customization and enhancement
      • Webservice development
      • Mobile development enhancement and support

Business Continuity Services

      • Disaster recovery
      • Backup
      • Storage

Cloud Resources

      • Private cloud architecture design
      • IT workload Cloud Migration
      • Cloud Infrastructure hosting
      • DevOps Architecture design
      • DevOps Cloud Services

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