• Course Overview
  • Objectives
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Outline

Learn how to use the network knowledge and skills in defining different business applications requirement. Select the best vendor supplied equipment to build and management a state of the art solution architecture.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

Participants are required to meet the following prerequisites:

40 Hours

Implement IPv4 & IPv6 networks

  • Create a redistribution implementation plan based upon the results from a redistribution analysis
  • Create a redistribution verification plan
  • Configure a redistribution solution
  • Verify that a redistribution was implemented
  • Document results of a redistribution implementation and verification plan
  • Identify the differences between implementing an IPv4 and IPv6 redistribution solution
  • Hands on lab: Configure and Troubleshoot IPv6 and IPv4 interoperability

Implement high availability

  • Determine network resources needed for implementing High Availability on a network
  • Create a High Availability implementation plan
  • Create a High Availability verification plan
  • Implement first hop redundancy protocols
  • Implement switch supervisor redundancy
  • Verify High Availability solution was implemented properly using show and debug commands
  • Document results of High Availability implementation and verification
  • Hands on lab: Configure and Troubleshoot first hop redundancy protocols

Understanding design requirements

  • Identifying customer needs.
  • Identifying network requirements.
  • How to choose the right product.
  • How to choose cables and connectors.

Designing a network solution

  • Applying a Methodology to Network Design
  • Structuring and Modularizing the Network
  • Designing Basic Campus and Data Center Networks
  • Designing Remote Connectivity
  • Designing IP Addressing and Selecting Routing Protocols
  • Evaluating Security Solutions for the Network
  • Identifying Voice Networking Considerations
  • Identifying Wireless Networking Considerations
  • Implementing and Operating the Network Design

Using MS Visio

  • Identifying Network devices in MS Visio.
  • Identifying Network symbols in MS Visio.
  • How to draw a high level network diagram.
  • How to draw a physical network diagram.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a high level network diagram with full high availability.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a physical network diagram with full high availability.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a rack design.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a cabling diagram.

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