• Course Overview
  • Objectives
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Outline

This course will teach you how to administer all aspects of learning management, from catalog and content hierarchies to enrollments, resource allocation, it learn how to control instructor-led classes and enrollments through a system of class and enrollment statuses. It also learn how OLM uses learner and instructor competencies as well as workflow notifications.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

Participants are required to meet the following prerequisites:

36 Hours

Learning Management Overview

  • Objectives
  • Learning Management Tasks and Features
  • Catalog Management
  • Content Management
  • Resources
  • Enrollments
  • Self-Service Interfaces
  • Internal and For Profit Learning


  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Integration Decisions
  • Content Decisions
  • Decision on Courses
  • Enrollment Decisions
  • Resource Decisions
  • Decisions on Competencies
  • Security Decisions

Implementation I: Introduction and Flexfields

  • Objectives
  • OLM Implementation Process
  • Flexfields
  • Key Flexfield Structure
  • Training Resource Key Flexfield
  • Descriptive Flexfields

Implementation II: Administration and Organizations

  • Setting Up Users
  • Creating Lookups
  • Defining Business Groups
  • Defining Training Organizations
  • Defining a Site Location

Implementation III: Catalog and Content

  • Resources Setup
  • Delivery Modes
  • Categories and Courses
  • Class and Enrollment Statuses
  • Learners and Training Managers
  • Conference Server Setup

Implementation IV: Pricing and Finance

  • Financial Setup
  • Interface to Your Financial System
  • Managing Currencies
  • Cross-Charging
  • Reports

Implementation V: Security and Integrated Applications

  • Financial Security
  • Enrollment Status Security
  • Function and Security Configuration
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Security Groups
  • Organization Security
  • Profile Options
  • Order Management Integration Setup


  • Catalog Hierarchy
  • Categories
  • Courses
  • Offerings
  • Classes and Sessions
  • Competencies
  • Web Conferences
  • Learner Access

Learning Paths and Learning Certifications

  • Learning Path Sections and Components
  • Subscription and Enrollment
  • Learning Certifications
  • Completion and Renewal
  • Learning Certification Statuses

Content Assembly

  • Designing the Content Hierarchy
  • Creating the Content Structure
  • Creating Learning Objects
  • Learning Object Content
  • Quick Offerings
  • Player Prerequisites

Test Building

  • The Test Model
  • Creating Question Banks
  • Managing Questions and Responses
  • Creating Tests
  • Assembling Tests
  • Analyzing Test Results

Import and Export

  • Import and Export Utilities
  • Import and Export Specifications
  • Learning Object Import
  • Tracking Types
  • Test Import
  • Content and Assessment Hierarchy Import
  • Content Export
  • Content Upload



Self-Service Interfaces

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