• Course Overview
  • Objectives
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Outline

Open source software and operating systems continue to increase in popularity, allowing organizations to maintain complex systems more cost effectively. The need for administrators who can leverage the benefits of these systems is growing at a rapid rate. In this course, you gain the knowledge and skills required to build, manage and tune a Linux server to meet your organization's critical administrative needs.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

Participants are required to meet the following prerequisites:

40 Hours

Installing Linux

Administering open source systems

The installation process

Workstation configuration

Booting Linux

Rescuing an unbootable system

Developing an Administrative Framework

Users and groups

Managing File Systems

Device and volume management

Mounting file systems

Ensuring availability

Adding and Updating Software

Employing package management schemes

Building software from source

Configuring Networks

Supporting Print and File Services

The Linux Kernel

Running high-performance clusters

Building an improved kernel

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