Remote Access Solutions for a More Connected Organization

AOT helps you connect remote team members to enterprise systems through secure remote access solutions. We help you give your mobile employees access to the information resources they need to perform, wherever they might be.

Our remote access solutions strengthen connectivity with internal teams, partners and suppliers, allowing you to create portals that can be accessed by employees as well as clients or suppliers, depending on access rights. The end result is a seamlessly connected system with information made available on the fly to users with the right permissions.

Our remote access solutions can also be configured to give your IT teams access to remote sites and networks for troubleshooting and maintenance.



Our remote access solutions adhere to your security, data and access control policies


Easy to grant, edit and remove access rights


To productivity resources 24/7, or to remote networks for maintenance


To your specifications and access hierarchies

See how AOT’s remote access solutions create a connected organization and more productive workforce​​