Today, ERP is a fundamental measure that reflects the maturity of your organization

Bring total visibility and improved performance to your business

Let’s consider in detail what ERP is. ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It is software for the control of a business that unites costs and investments, various transactions, production, reporting, etc. 

In today’s market, having an ERP system determines the success of your company. Optimize your workflow for your company’s success.

Choosing the Right Par​tner

With the development of modern technologies, the introduction of even minor technological capabilities can have a big impact on your business and market competition. Therefore, today it is very important for every company to find the best solutions to take leadership positions and leave competitors behind.

Your ERP should use state-of-the-art solutions that will give you end-to-end visibility and improve your processes.

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What you must find out before looking for an ERP partner

When looking for an ERP partner, you should pay attention to the services provided by professionals with experience in implementing modern solutions and whose offers meet your needs.

The professionals of this company offering services to you should show you extensive process repositories, in-depth studies and must also have a good understanding of the concept of your direction and the ERP.

The professionals you choose to work with should quickly begin effective intercalation to move your company to a leadership position.


Strong Alliances

We have formed strong associations with the best professionals that offer work with ERP systems. Using this fact, as well as modern solutions, we offer you our professional services for the following industries:

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  1. Finance and investments
  2. Public and government
  3. Facilities and transportation
  4. Education
  5. Private sector​​

Where does our enterprise resources planning apply?

With our ERP you can get transparency and efficacious organization of your business. Considering all our achievements, we are proud to say that we are the best in the field of providing ERP intercalation services.

Before starting work with the introduction, we get acquainted in detail with your demands and direction. Working with our partners like Oracle, we tailor the ERP to add the features you need.

Get the most out of, simplify and streamline your workflow with AOT’s fast implementation.

Our success story

We are proud of one of our significant achievements, which is that we have contributed to the fastest intercalation of Oracle ERP for the General Directorate of Entertainment, which is owned by Saudi Arabia, our project was called Saudi Vision 2030.

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