Scalable LANs and WANs for Maximum Speed, Security and Connectivity

AOT brings organizational facilities to the 21st century with seamless connectivity through customized Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Our process starts with a rigorous analysis and specification stage, where we study client requirements along with the physical campus space to create an ideal networking topology for maximum speed, coverage, security and availability.

For expansive campuses, AOT specializes in uniform uninterrupted coverage via multiple construction points – all linked to a single point of configuration for easy management.

Our network solutions rely on cabling as well as wireless points to create dense hybrid connectivity that offers maximum user density, scalability and ease of connectivity.



Our approach beings with conceptualization your LAN or WAN


Of enterprise-grade network and security infrastructure


Networks that carry both voice and data along with wireless functionality


According to physical space, coverage required and client needs

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