Application delivery network solutions for an agile business environment

We build and deploy the technology infrastructure to make mission-critical apps available across your entire enterprise network. We design and implement a full technology stack to make your applications available and visible with maximum security and acceleration.

Our Application Delivery Networks rely on our rapid development methodology, where a robust requirements analysis and scoping phase reduces risk and eliminates business disruption. We design ADNs that are optimized to your exact needs, making sure that your teams have access to business-critical apps across your entire organization.

We also offer managed services for your Application Delivery Network, with robust SLAs ensuring that you benefit from consistent performance and availability, with the AOT team handling maintenance, security patches and updates.

Our enterprise network integration solutions dramatically improve operational efficiencies, increase organizational productivity to empower your teams and help them deliver client satisfaction

Features and Benefits

Rapid development methodology

Reduces risk and business disruption

Optimized app delivery

For visibility, availability, security and acceleration


To your specific requirements and business goals

Managed ADNs

Freeing your IT resources while keeping your network in optimal health

Scalable LANs and WANs for maximum speed, security and connectivity

AOT brings educational campuses and organizational facilities to the 21st century with seamless connectivity through customized Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Our process starts with a rigorous analysis and specification stage, where we study client requirements along with the physical campus space to create an ideal networking topology for maximum speed, coverage, security and availability.

For expansive campuses, AOT specializes in uniform uninterrupted coverage via multiple construction points – all linked to a single point of configuration for easy management.

Our network solutions rely on cabling as well as wireless points to create dense hybrid connectivity that offers maximum user density, scalability and ease of connectivity.

Features and Benefits


Our approach beings with conceptualization your LAN or WAN


Of enterprise-grade network and security infrastructure


Networks that carry both voice and data along with wireless functionality


According to physical space, coverage required and client needs


See how AOT’s expertise help you create connected campuses for smarter learning

Keeping pace with growing user demand

Your enterprise networks need to keep up with demand for wireless connectivity as mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) create flexible work environments. IoT-enabled devices are becoming a standard feature of office spaces, and require seamless wireless connectivity.

AOT designs robust wireless infrastructure that keeps pace with your growing wireless needs, extending coverage to all areas of your enterprise, without compromising safety, security and availability.

Our wireless configurations move you away from a disparate collection of access points to a cohesive network designed for superior security, performance, single-point configuration and management, maximum user density and scalability.

We deliver enterprise-grade wireless infrastructure that creates mobility without compromising performance.

Features and benefits


For cohesive enterprise-grade coverage, security and speed


To grow with your business needs

Central administration

For ease of management and configuration


Identity-based security measures with security polices and wireless intrusion prevention


With data protection and security policies

Optimum experience

Ease of use, with faster processes and no connectivity disruption

See how AOT’s wireless solutions bring new freedom and productivity to your teams

We don’t just build great networks. We also help you manage them.

 AOT offers a full range of hardware and software tools to keep your network in peak health. Our tools help you design, provision, enable policy and assure network performance. You benefit from reduced downtime and improved operational efficiency through class-leading enterprise products and solutions.

Alternatively, you could leave it all to us, with AOT’s managed network services taking care of your networked applications, functions and hardware to agreed-upon service levels. Your network and business-critical apps are always available when you need them, without requiring upfront IT investment.

Feature and Benefits


Improve security and performance


Enhance network reliability and reduce downtime


A host of management, configuration and troubleshooting tools


Benefit from powerful user, IP, traffic, quality and permissions management tools

Find out how AOT’s network management services can supercharge your network performance and uptime

Remote access solutions for a more connected organization

AOT helps you connect remote team members to enterprise systems through secure remote access solutions. We help you give your mobile employees access to the information resources they need to perform, wherever they might be.

Our remote access solutions strengthen connectivity with internal teams, partners and suppliers, allowing you to create portals that can be accessed by employees as well as clients or suppliers, depending on access rights. The end result is a seamlessly connected system with information made available on the fly to users with the right permissions.

Our remote access solutions can also be configured to give your IT teams access to remote sites and networks for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Features and Benefits


Our remote access solutions adhere to your security, data and access control policies


Easy to grant, edit and remove access rights


To productivity resources 24/7, or to remote networks for maintenance


To your specifications and access hierarchies


See how AOT’s remote access solutions create a connected organization and more productive workforce.