Middleware binds programs needed by clients so they can communicate with each other over a network.

Our company works with Oracle middleware software. Our experts integrate all your IT assets into one system that will run your programs and platforms. It will also help you organize your databases and streamline your colleagues’ workflow.

Why is single sign-on important?

Single sign-on is now a very popular and important technology because it allows clients to move between sections of portals or from one system to another system without going through the next authentication. AOT cares about the rational use of your time and in this regard, we are ready to save you the need to store and remember a bunch of data for repeated confirmation of personal data.

With the help of middleware such as Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On, you no longer need to worry about a large number of logins and passwords. We offer you our SSO technology, which guarantees no re-authentication when navigating through various sections and services within the portal. We use our middleware to ensure your security by meeting all the necessary requirements and using strong passwords. Beneficial offers from AOT take away the need to worry about entering the various work resources you need. We implement technologies that can work with any LDAP or Active Directory, as well as with a SQL database, keeping customer profiles and personal data consolidated into a single system.

What are the benefits of using our middleware?

  • Reducing the cost of maintaining the systems used;
  • Solving service problems;
  • Fast, secure, and easy access for employees;
  • Use of a single security policy thanks to Oracle Identity Management.

See how our SSO solutions empower your teams with secure and seamless sign-ons and user authentication

Service Oriented Architecture

AOT brings you Oracle’s middleware software with Service Oriented Architecture technologies to help you become more resilient despite the advances of your competitors and frequent changes in customer requests.

Thanks to our middleware solution as SOA technologies, you will be able to achieve good success, despite the existing difficulties of the IT spheres. We offer you programs in the form of modular business web services that you can use several times. This allows you to reinstall the infrastructure for changes in your business.

What you get with SOA from AOT:

  • You will be able to quickly and effortlessly me technical settings and options;
  • You won't have to change old software systems often;
  • Your IT resources can be repeatedly used to promote new services;
  • You can use our offerings along with open XML standards if you want to create web services that are easy to access.

Find out how you can gain unprecedented agility and responsiveness with AOT’s SOA solutions.