Cybersecurity refers to the safeguarding of data, particularly as it is being processed. IT safety aims to keep external parties from tampering with information and services. This includes not just data but also physical data centers and cloud computing.  

Сyber security consultation assists businesses and organizations in securing their information technology systems and networks. These individuals frequently engage with a variety of companies to assess existing IT operations, run penetration testing, and consult with management about problems and solutions. AOT offers comprehensive consulting in security services to assist you in safeguarding your critical information assets and infrastructure. 

To evaluate your current level of preparation and security, AOT’s IT security consultant starts with a complete security assessment and gap analysis. AOT’s IT security consultant identifies weaknesses in computer systems, networks, and software programs and develops remedies to protect them from hackers. AOT then uses this information to develop a roadmap for a comprehensive security program based on a Defense in Depth (DiD) strategy. AOT’s DiD approach uses several procedures to create layered defenses that can resist attacks even if some of the levels fail.

IT consulting in security from AOT is tailored to your specific needs. AOT’s cyber security consultation assists you in understanding your hazards, identifying weaknesses, and recommending remedial action as a first approach. Specialists from AOT discover system flaws, implement security measures, and assure regulatory compliance by cyber security consultation. AOT can then help you put your security roadmap into action by providing a comprehensive suite of corporate security, recovery plans, and incident response services.

AOT’s cyber security consultation assists you in understanding and quantifying threats and their severity, reviewing your existing security situation to identify gaps, classifying gaps to help you prioritize and justify security investment, benchmarking against internationally known security standards, and delivering technical support that transforms strategy into action. 

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