Ensuring robust disaster recovery and data safety

AOT’s backup configuration services are an essential element of your business continuity and data security planning. We help your business safeguard itself against accidents, malicious attacks, system failure, viruses, or data errors introduced through migration.

We work with your database team to safeguard and secure your essential data assets by configuring a schedule of secure backups. These can be cold, or offline, where data isn’t updated once backed up; or hot where the backup is performed while the database is actively online and accessible. Our backup configurations are tailored to your exact business needs, the sensitivity of your data, and the level of protection you need in case of disruption.


We offer several backup options, including:​​


Quick and easy to set up but without point in time recovery or incremental backup support.


Powerful backup tools including the Oracle Recovery Manager that create incremental backups, which can be restored quickly and easily for disaster recovery.


An Oracle function that allows us to migrate data from a source database to another running on a different operating system – with remapping and performance tuning capabilities added in.