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Creating competitive advantage through enterprise-wide solutions

AOT’s roster of software solutions help you get ahead and sustain competitive advantage with IT infrastructure that is as performance-oriented as you are. From enterprise-wide solutions that keep your finger on the pulse of your business 24/7, to specialized in-house solutions developed to answer client needs, we deliver the technology you need to get ahead. Our development teams also create bespoke modules and apps for your IT infrastructure, ensuring integration across a wide range of platforms. Our rapid implementation methodology is backed by rigorous requirements analysis to deliver consistent project success.


Vendor Business Solutions

AOT’s business solutions harness technology that helps you meet business goals. We create and implement a range of solutions that help you gain visibility throughout your organisation, create better customer insight, and develop the business intelligence you need to make better decisions faster.

At AOT, we always begin with a customised implementation plan based exactly on your requirements. All our solutions are offered in partnership with the world’s leading technology providers, and come with AOT’s rapid implementation methodologies. We deliver the tools you need to empower your business to succeed.


AOT Business Software

We have spent years understanding what our clients want. We have used this experience to develop proprietary solutions for specialized areas that aren’t effectively covered by global technology partners.

We offer in-house software solutions covering operations and maintenance; sophisticated fund management platforms for financial institutions; real estate investment decision-making engines; and correspondence management systems that deliver paperless processes to enhance productivity.


Business Software Development

We help clients implement solutions capable of performing across multiple platforms and infrastructures with our in-house software development and app development capabilities.

We offer customized solutions developed on platforms ranging from J2EE to .Net, helping you extend the functionality of your IT infrastructure with bespoke components.

When it comes to enterprise solutions such as Business Intelligence or ERPs, we develop and configure individualized dashboards, reporting tools and modules that tailor functionality to your exact requirements.