Take Control of Your Organisation’s Records and Content

Wave goodbye to out of date, duplicated or lost records and documents with AOT’s comprehensive Enterprise Content Management solutions.

You can take control of your organization’s data and content with AOT’s comprehensive enterprise content management systems, and forget about outdated, duplicated, or missing records and papers.

AOT’s enterprise content management (ECM) software works in conjunction with the rest of your IT infrastructure to ensure that stringent record and document generation, versioning, authorization, and appropriate security are followed.

AOT’s enterprise content management system increases corporate administration, eliminates compliance difficulties, defends against document shortages, and provides accurate quality features. AOT Solutions collaborate with your teams to develop and customize approval procedures, quality assurance tests, and automatic update systems.

AOT’s enterprise content management software ensures that the information and data you share with external audiences through your websites and brochures are correct and current. With those features, the employees can concentrate on their core business because the documents are always up-to-date.

AOT accomplishes the responsibilities mentioned above by examining your company’s documents, suggesting methods to make records more accessible, and aiding with security, confidentiality, compliance, and suitable governance needs.

Qualitative Administration

Ensure that each piece of content's creation and quality assurance techniques are standardized.

Losses and Duplication Avoidance

Archive, monitor, and control all data inside your company to reduce content-related overheads, document losses, and duplication.

Simple Integration

AOT enterprise content management uses Microsoft Sharepoint, Oracle, EMC2, Alfresco, and other products to come up with solutions that are suited to your demands and interoperable with any existing technologies.

Accelerated Implementation

You may avoid business disruption and implementation expenses by using AOT's rapid installation methods.


Access ECM cloud solutions from anywhere with any gadget


AOT’s ECM allows you to substantially reduce development, help-desk, and customer support center costs.

To achieve this, we


Analyze your organization's documents​


Identify mechanisms to easily access your documents


Help ensure security and confidentiality, compliance and good governance standards