EDARAH is AOT’s agile corporate performance management platform designed to help set strategy for boards, CEOs and decision-makers.

The right EPM strategy is a key point to make your biz perform at its maximum potential. AOT has extensive experience in providing the business market with exceptional IT technologies and solutions for business empowerment. The efficiency of our strategies is based on analyzing multiple ways of how to achieve the goal; this ensures you achieve high-quality results in the shortest time. 

But what benefits does it give exactly?

  1. Rapidity. EDARAH doesn’t interrupt your work or keep you waiting. The rapid implementation of our corporate performance management platform allows you to gain a competitive advantage almost instantly from its use.
  2. Assess and strategize to increase business performance with EDARAH platform monitors.
  3. EDARAH Platform creates a set of strategies, policies, and procedures that work automatically, equipping all departments of the organization with all the necessary functions and tools.

The Edarah Platform Monitors

What is EDARAH? It is an agile platform that is targeted specifically at CPM work improvement. EDARAH offers the most effective business strategies and solutions for CEOs and decision-makers through precise monitoring and analysis. When you search for a company that provides business services, you should regard their EPM strategy. This corporate performance management platform is targeted at bringing you maximum results and benefits, making it the most advantageous of all.

Rapid implementation and time to benefit

  • The follow-up process facilitates the follow-up of the organization’s performance
  • A documentation tool with structural oversights of information and documents
  • Stronger archiving organization
  • Effective Communication Tool
  • A tool that facilitates the distribution of business tasks
  • A tool that connects business to goals and strategy


Corporate performance management is a significant part of every biz, and AOT knows how to bring it to its maximum work level!