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Application delivery network solutions for an agile business environment

We build and deploy the technology infrastructure to make mission-critical apps available across your entire enterprise network. We design and implement a full technology stack to make your applications available and visible with maximum security and acceleration.

Our Application Delivery Networks rely on our rapid development methodology, where a robust requirements analysis and scoping phase reduces risk and eliminates business disruption. We design ADNs that are optimized to your exact needs, making sure that your teams have access to business-critical apps across your entire organization.

We also offer managed services for your Application Delivery Network, with robust SLAs ensuring that you benefit from consistent performance and availability, with the AOT team handling maintenance, security patches and updates.

Our enterprise network integration solutions dramatically improve operational efficiencies, increase organizational productivity to empower your teams and help them deliver client satisfaction

Features and Benefits

Rapid development methodology

Reduces risk and business disruption

Optimized app delivery

For visibility, availability, security and acceleration


To your specific requirements and business goals

Managed ADNs

Freeing your IT resources while keeping your network in optimal health

Oracle Clusterware is a portable cluster management solution that is integrated with Oracle Database. Oracle Clusterware is also a required component for using Oracle RAC. Besides, Oracle Clusterware enables both single-instance Oracle databases and Oracle RAC databases to use the Oracle high-availability infrastructure. Oracle Clusterware enables you to create a clustered pool of storage to be used by any combination of single-instance and Oracle RAC databases.

Oracle Clusterware is the only clusterware that you need for most platforms on which Oracle RAC operates. You can also use clusterware from other vendors if the clusterware is certified for Oracle RAC.

In addition to the Oracle GoldenGate core platform for real-time data movement, Oracle provides the Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate—a visual management and monitoring solution for Oracle GoldenGate deployments—as well as Oracle GoldenGate Veridata, which allows high-speed, high-volume comparison between two in-use databases.

Oracle Database with Oracle RAC architecture is designed primarily as a scalability and availability solution that resides in a single data center. It is possible however, under certain circumstances, to build and deploy an Oracle RAC system where the nodes in the cluster are separated by up to 100 kilometers, to share the same RAC database with multiple RAC instances spread across two sites. This architecture is referred to as an Extended RAC or Metro cluster. We can consider this database architecture as an extension of Availability level 3.

The advantages of using Oracle RAC on extended clusters include:

An Oracle RAC Extended cluster is an architecture that provides extremely fast recovery from a site failure and allows for all nodes, at all sites, to actively process transactions as part of single database cluster. When two data centers are located relatively close to each other (Campus Cluster), extended clusters can provide great protection for some disasters, but not all. Fire, flooding, and site power failure are just a few examples of limited geographic disasters that can fail in an entire data center.