Application delivery network solutions for an agile business environment

AOT works with technology platforms to provide your entire corporation with easy admission to your most important programs. Our company implements all the latest technologies to make your programs and platforms as safe as possible, accessible, and fast.

We are professionals in the field of rapid development, clearly analyzing your demands and analyzing the scope of your activity. This helps to achieve the desired result and significantly increases business success.

Our work with ADN, which is optimized for your demands, ensures that you will have uninterrupted and secure access to all the momentous programs that you need.

We also provide application delivery services with strong service level agreements to help you have a stable production and easy access, and we will help you to monitor the smooth operation of services, troubleshoot set the maximum security level, and work with updates.

Our enterprise networking services help raise operational efficiency, organizational productivity, empower your corporation, and meet customer needs.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • Using our solutions, you significantly reduce the likelihood of failures in your processes;
  • We proffer the best delivery of the necessary software products;
  • AOT fully adapts to your requisitions set by us and begins to move towards your goal.

Working with Oracle database performance tuning

Database performance tuning is one of the methods of optimizing and increasing the efficiency of working with databases. Database tuning is needed to reconfigure operating systems to suit how they are best used. This includes deploying clusters and working on optimal database performance to control system functions and streamline user communications. AOT is the best in terms of database performance tuning.
One of our database performance tuning is Oracle Clusterware. Is one of the best clustering solutions that come together with Oracle Database. Oracle Clusterware also interacts directly with Oracle RAC. Furthermore, Oracle Clusterware provides the ability to leverage the high availability of Oracle RAC and single-instance Oracle databases.

The database tuning that you have using Oracle Clusterware makes it possible to work with a storage pool group using any set of single-instance databases and also Oracle RAC.

Oracle Clusterware is an extensive software product that is essential to the operation of the platforms that Oracle RAC runs on. You can work with any vendor whose cluster software products are compatible with Oracle RAC.

In addition to Oracle GoldenGate, which has real-time movement capabilities, also using database tuning from Oracle you can provide Oracle GoldenGate, a visual process management and control solution, and GoldenGate Veridata, which allows you to compare large volumes across multiple databases in the shortest possible time.

Oracle Database powered by Oracle RAC is built for scalability and availability in a single data center. If necessary, you can set up an Oracle RAC system with nodes in a cluster that is up to 100 km away, this will help you share the same RAC database using multiple RAC instances located at two sites. This is called the Extended RAC Cluster or Metro.

Benefits of choosing us

Advantages of working with Oracle RAC on extensive clusters:

  • Full use of all substantial resources without sacrificing failure time and all sorts of problems;
  • Instant restoration in case of site failure;
  • Also here can be attributed all the listed advantages of Oracle RAC.

It must be said that another performance tuning of Oracle RAC Extended Cluster is a technology that allows you to quickly restore from a system crash and enables nodes in all sites to work with transactions, which are part of the same database engine.
If two data centers exist at a short distance from each other, then advanced mechanisms can protect against failures except for serious problems, such as natural catastrophes.