Database administration services to keep pace with growth and eliminate performance issues

Most organizations will re-asses their database structure from time to time, and this re-evaluation can be the result of several factors including:​

If this describes an exercise your organization is either undertaking right now or considering, AOT is ideally positioned to help you manage your database efficiently while significantly reducing cost.

Our database administration (DBA) services can help you cost-effectively manage your Oracle applications or technology solutions while enjoying the full functionality and reliability of an in-house DBA.

We can help you leverage a team of expert Oracle DBAs, and all for a predictable, fixed monthly fee.

AOT provides you with a straightforward and secure route to outsourcing your database administration and development needs, or, alternatively strengthening your existing DBA staff.

Your organization will benefit from the most experienced and educated certified DBAs 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

AOT can also assist you with product development and you will benefit from our expertise in SQL as we help you with database design. We can design a database for your specific requirements or provide inspection reviews of your SQL before release to ensure you avoid performance and contention issues in the future.

These are just a few of the areas in which AOT can partner with you to mitigate the challenges you face with your organization’s database administration and development efforts.

Best practices and standards

Our operational infrastructure is excellent and includes best practices, standards, and procedures implemented by experienced Oracle and ITIL certified service managers. We employ sophisticated software for system monitoring and reporting, escalation notification, issue tracking, and change management – all accessible via an internet portal accessible by our customers.

Here are some examples of the Oracle remote DBA services we can offer you:

Did you know?

So, why not let the experts at AOT guide you and recommend the solution that’s right for your organization? We provide expert services, lowest pricing, and support that maximizes your Oracle database investment.