Upgrading you to new database platforms without disruption

Technology improvements and increasing demands put pressure on legacy database platforms. When your IT teams decide to address uncertainties by migrating to more robust platforms, AOT is standing by to assist.


Our teams are skilled in reducing the risks associated with database migrations – such as critical application downtime, and data loss. We ensure that your data assets are transferred over to a new platform seamlessly integrated with the rest of your IT infrastructure.


We prepare a migration plan to minimise downtime risk, before trailing a migration strategy. Your new database is installed and configured before migration. Following that, our teams conduct a formal operational handover while training your teams on your new database configuration.

With AOT, moving from legacy databases to cutting-edge platforms is swift, easy and cost-effective.


Reduced downtime

During platform migration and consolidation for your critical applications


We support multi-platform and multi-version databases for more effective integration

Minimize Risk

Of disruption, critical applications remaining offline, or data loss

Fail-back capability

To ensure your old system and data assets are available in case of roll-back