Keeping your databases in optimal condition

At AOT, we understand that data is at the heart of your business. Your databases are essential to business continuity and success – which is why we help you ensure they are in good health and can deliver the performance you require of them. We offer a regular schedule of hardware checks and maintenance to keep your databases in optimal condition.


We offer:​​

External hardware checks

We review your database’s external hardware environment to ensure full compatibility and guard against bottlenecks

Disk health

Reviewing disk striping at RAID level and testing disk latencies. We identify and address problem areas and bottlenecks

Network health

We investigate your network topology and review your TCP/IP protocol configuration. We also verify your settings for the Oracle transparent Network Substrate (TNS) and optimise packet delivery.

CPU health check

We examine processor activity at peak loads, looking for enqueues and processor-related system bottlenecks.

RAM health check

We investigate your RAM configuration, focusing on RAM swapping, memory leaks and unused RAM resources.