Keeping database copies up to date for testing and development

We understand that your database administrators face the challenge of efficiently duplicating large mission-critical databases for application development, testing and training purposes. The challenge becomes more daunting still when multiple database clones are required so that multiple teams can accelerate their development and testing activities. It’s not enough to just clone – these databases must also be refreshed.

That’s why AOT offers Oracle RMAN solutions that effectively merge incremental changes into your backup or cloned databases. Your clones are kept up to date, ensuring that your teams are always working with the freshest data. Apart from RMAN, we also offer Oracle DataGuard and storage snapshot options.




Cloning and maintenance of database copies

Incremental changes

Can be reflected to backups or clones easily

No risk

Your original data is kept safe and secure

Policy Implementation

We can implement your data policies on cloned databases for full compliance