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Stop investing huge amounts of money to use this software. The cloud services developed by AOT will simplify and optimize your work so you do not need to worry about the operation of software products. With access to high-quality programs and platforms, you can pay more attention to your work processes.

Our company is engaged in the development and creation of high-quality software, technical equipment, and security systems, which allows you to create full-featured cloud services. Thus, we provide you with the opportunity to use the most convenient and optimized cloud storage.

You can finally stop worrying about security updates and the newest versions of utilized apps with this service. It provides constant access to the internet, or any other application for that matter – because it’s always on!  Moreover, there is around the clock access from any point of the globe with our cloud storage. We’re the first company in Saudi Arabia to achieve ISO certification! Our cloud is designed for exceptional business continuity and has an industry-leading track record of running sophisticated missioncritical applications. We’re also accredited by both: IS0 27000 – for security, and 20000 – for service delivery, which is considered a very high standard. You can also take advantage of beneficial SLAs with the option to operate your service level agreement through a provider. AOT offers co-location, infrastructure as IaaS, and software SaaS clouds solutions for companies who want their business run without any hassle while they focus on what’s important: creating innovative products or services!


Organizations are leveraging the benefits of cloud services to:​​


Using the most modern methods

Modern technologies are developing at a tremendous speed. Companies are faced with the need to introduce new technologies and control their quality. All this is necessary both to maintain the continuity of your business and to remain a leader in the market for the services that your business provides. We can provide you with the most up-to-date programming methods.


Reports on your investments

We have repeatedly emphasized that one of our advantages is saving your investment. However, for the proper development of any company, it is important to know where the investments are being made and whether the company's money is going to develop the business with future profits. We provide you with reports on the reasonable use of your invested funds.


Free up your time for business

We take all your software worries off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on running your business while also saving you corporate money.



We help you in your work by providing software that you can always count on for reliability and high functionality. AOT takes away the responsibility of controlling access to quality software from you, keeping your business running for you, freeing up time for your workflow and profitability.

We allow you to reduce the amount of money you would invest in software installation and maintenance. With our help, you can use any application you need through cloud technologies.

Among the advantages of choosing our company are also the highest possible uptime and the use of open-source platforms.

With AOT’s platforms, you can enjoy fast and reliable connectivity wherever your business takes you. Choose from multiple data centers that offer 24/7 service with virtualization technology to make sure the system is easy for anyone who needs it – even if they don’t know what administrator rights are!

Promote your business with our help right now


Save some of your budgets by paying for local installations of programs, fixing problems with their work, and keeping track of updates.

With our SaaS, you access all the platforms you need through the cloud, making your job easier. Our software services are completely secure, available anywhere, and ensure business continuity.

A nice bonus of using our services is that you don’t overpay for what you don’t need and only pay for the software services that you do need.

What do we include:

  • MEDAN, 
  • ERAD, 
  • Tradenet, 
  • ARBAH.