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Setting you free from expensive IT investments

Cut back on your CAPEX while accessing software, platforms and data over the cloud with AOT’s cloud services. Our full-stack cloud services combine software, hardware, data and security, all fully managed by us and made available to you through an integrated platform. You benefit from immediate scalability and complete peace of mind while waving goodbye to expensive in-house investments

The AOT cloud is designed for exceptional business continuity and has an industry-leading track record of running sophisticated mission-critical applications. Our cloud platform is ISO 20000 certified for service delivery and ISO 27000 accredited for security – making us one of the very first IT companies in Saudi Arabia to achieve ISO certification.

You’re freed from worrying about updates and security patches, which are handled-server side. Your data, apps and platforms are available to you 24/7, wherever you are, configured exactly to your needs. You also benefit from favorable SLAs, with the option of operating your service level agreement via a broker, freeing you up to focus on your core business. AOT’s co-location, Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solutions.


Organizations are leveraging the benefits of cloud services to:​​


Enable a Focu​s on Core Business

Increasingly complex and integrated infrastructure designs and costs, and unreliable support skills can significantly distract attention from your core business and competitive issues 


Gain Access to Technology

Change today is occurring at a rate that is difficult to sustain. Diversification in services, mergers, acquisitions and industry deregulation are but a few of the challenges faced by companies today. Companies are quickly realizing that to thrive in today’s competitive business environment, they must rapidly deploy new technologies to support key business objectives.


​Gain Cost Visibility

Cost reduction has been synonymous with cloud services throughout its development.
However, cost visibility is also critical to the measurement of the total cost of ownership of the business process.
Knowing whether your infrastructure dollars are being spent in the most appropriate place and whether those dollars are making the right return on investment is a key driver for cloud services.


Platform as a Service

AOT delivers the hardware and software you need for business continuity, freeing you up to focus on the bottom line. We eliminate the efforts and costs required for in-house installations, and instead offer an on-demand service for your essential IT infrastructure.

We utilize technologies with the most reliable up-time record and rely on open source platforms to reduce PaaS delivery costs for you. Our vendors are carefully chosen for their class-leading availability, accessibility and integration capabilities.

From servers, databases and middle-ware to entire operating systems, libraries and development tools, AOT delivers the platforms you need wherever you need them, round the clock. You benefit from multiple user accessibility, rapid scalability as you select from our multiple data-center tiers, virtualization technology and a system that is easy to run with extensive admin knowledge. Our PaaS offerings include the Oracle E-business suite, FinOne, SharePoint and AVAYA, with some of the industry’s most competitive fee structures.

Empower your business with our ISO-certified PaaS services today

Software as a Service

Eliminate the costs and resources associated with installing software applications locally, patching them, and keeping them up to date. With AOT’s Software as a Service, you gain access to all the apps, suites and productivity tools you need through the cloud, leaving you free to focus on creating value. Exceptionally secure and always available, our SaaS services offer the added benefit of business continuity. We can make them available anywhere you are. You only pay for what you require and can scale rapidly to handle busy periods without sunk investments. Our SaaS portfolio includes ERAD, Tradenet, and our in-house MEDAN, ARBAH and EDARAH CPM solutions.

Explore the freedom and performance of our SaaS services today.