Empowering Organisations With Data and Intelligence to Make Better Decisions

Business intelligence, or BI, is a technology that lets a company leverage the potential of data. This data may aid businesses in making strategic business decisions that boost productivity, profitability, and success.   

Sophisticated interfaces, visualization techniques, smart software applications, data discovery software, and specialized self-service software for non-tech users are all examples of business intelligence software. AOT business intelligence solutions provide data and analytics to enterprises to help them make more sensible decisions.

AOT de-silos your data and transforms it into a stream of intelligence to help you make smarter and wiser decisions. AOT assists you in gathering, storing, mining, and analyzing data to increase your capacity to make reasoned decisions. Customers spanning from huge corporations to government, semi-government, healthcare, and financial organizations benefit from business intelligence solutions

AOT works with a variety of technology partners, including Microsoft BI, Oracle BI, Tableau, Pentaho, Qlik Sense, and others, to find solutions that meet your business objectives and interface smoothly with your existing systems. AOT BI solutions allow you to unleash the unbridled potential of data to generate actual information that will help you become more nimble and profitable.

AOT builds custom data warehouses and data lakes to store your information, then installs powerful analytical tools that provide quick monitoring. So you can remain on top of your business. AOT’s BI solutions are distinguished by their extensive expertise on the bleeding edge of BI, as well as quick deployment approaches that minimize interruption while lowering installation costs.



With agile reporting software, AOT’s BI solutions allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your company.

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AOT frees data from its silos so that it may be used to generate new insights and intelligence.

Quick implementation

With AOT's business intelligence speedy adoption, you can reduce business disruption and implementation costs.


AOT BI solutions select the most appropriate technologies for your company's needs and current systems.


Allow AOT to assist you in implementing the best business intelligence solution for your needs.

AOT has the knowledge and ability to assist the most demanding customers in creating a better-structured DWH and improving linked business processes, resulting in actual business value. AOT pioneered many of the recognized BI tools needed to offer users the business analytics they need to make educated choices: Oracle BI, Tableau, Click Sense, and Pentaho.