Keeping your mission-critical apps at peak performance

Software activities inside a corporation have been transformed in today’s information age. For an assortment of previous models and contemporary tools, businesses are continuously reinventing themselves. Application support and maintenance services are meant to ensure that programs are relatively accessible, durable, and adaptable to changing company needs. It’s available to all of an organization’s stakeholders.

AOT does its utmost to maintain the task programs running smoothly since your business applications are crucial to ensure that services are delivered reliably and swiftly. AOT recognizes that corporate app availability and performance are crucial to your company’s success, which is why AOT has created a suite of controlled application support services to assist you. 

AOT’s controlled application support maintains your applications in top shape and makes sure they’re ready when you need them. Moreover, AOT’s application support saves you 20-35% on app maintenance throughout your contract and helps you increase productivity and customer happiness. Additionally, Oracle E-business, .NET platforms, Java, SharePoint, Tradenet, and Microsoft products are all supported by AOT.

“According to research, major businesses spend an average of 73% of their IT expenditure on existing system application support services. In multinational organizations, application management offers the greatest effect on cost reductions.”

Keeping your mission-critical apps
at peak performance

The following are examples of application assistance provided by AOT's application support analysts: