Network Solutions for an Agile Business Environment

Since 2003, the AOT team has been creating the best technology stacks and programs for you to get the maximum result of your work. Knowing the importance of application delivery networking, we tried our best to develop top-quality technological infrastructure. This ensures you that all of the important applications and apps will be available and seen through the whole enterprise network. 

The proper functioning of the delivery network is crucial to all enterprises. Understanding this, we made our Application Delivery Networks rely on the rapid development of the technologies and used the latest IT innovations in our work. Our constant search for top-level solutions and revolutionary approach to work resulted in a well-working methodology, which became the base of our application delivery software. Therefore, you get a whole IT innovation where a robust requirements analysis and scoping phase reduces risk and eliminates business disruption. 

We made our ADN fully optimized and flexible to your needs. That ensures your enterprise team gets access to all crucial apps whenever you need them. Moreover, we might also offer you managed services for your delivery network, with robust SLAs making sure that you will get maximum advantages from consistent performance and accessibility, while the AOT team handles maintenance, security patches, and updates.


AOT application delivery solutions​​

Rapid Development Methodology.

Our nearly 20-year experience allowed us to build strategies and solutions that will reduce risks and disruptions for you.

Optimized Application Delivery.

This ensures your applications are visible, available, and secure throughout the whole enterprise.


We took a lot of time to make our delivery network flexible and customized to each client.

Managed ADNs.

This allows you to free your IT resources while keeping your network in optimal health.