Business solutions

Each company requires top-level enterprise management to help it get ahead in the market, which is constantly growing. AOT offers the latest innovations for its clients to provide them with the best business services in the market. We’ve been providing creative and brilliant ideas since 2003, which made us a successful business.

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Cloud Services

We offer AOT’s model for providing convenient network access to computer equipment, hardware resources, disk storage and databases via the Internet in a remote format. AOT’s cloud services can provide your organization with more processing power and advanced tools to access massive amounts of data, as well as the ability to quickly scale your environment as it grows.

Network Services

We create and deploy technological infrastructure. Our ADNs organize users into groups and allow them to engage in various activities together. And also have access to all the important applications of your company. Our network solutions are actively working to optimize, simplify and secure your business.

IT Security Services

We implement IT security projects for your critical information assets and infrastructure. This includes 4 successive stages: assessment, analysis, preparation and implementation of all security systems. AOT guarantees multi-level protection that prevents information leakage and keeps working even if one of the protection levels is damaged.

Database Services

AOT provides Database Services while providing high availability. They work for fast access to the necessary data and a heavy workload, which is guaranteed to optimize the work of your employees.

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Middleware Services

AOT is an expert software provider that links users’ applications, allowing them to interact with each other over a network. Also, our SSO solutions simplify authentication without becoming less secure. A company’s security becomes stronger with simplified processes with a unified security policy.

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Application Support & Maintenance

AOT uses data to provide and improve our services and carry out our core business operations. This includes keeping your apps in top condition and making them available when you need them. We support the following applications: Oracle E-business, .NET platforms, Java, SharePoint, Tradenet, and Microsoft products.